Rebirth of history from the world heritage of Yakushima

The holy Yakusugi (cedar) of Yakushima, which is an official world heritage, used to be worshipped as a God. Deemed valuable since the Edo period, it was once collected as tax.

Today, all Yakusugi including tree stumps (including those buried) and fallen trees are registered and managed by the Japanese government, making it an extremely rare commodity.

We created Kiami bags with the goal of preserving the ancient and valuable Yakusugi.

The Yakusugi is delicately sliced to a thickness of 0.1mm and woven together to create a sheet.

It is then sown together with high-quality leather tanned in Japan.

Kiami comes in two types of weaves, one purely woven with Yakusugi and one woven with Yakusugi and Hinoki (Japanese Cypress).

In hopes that our customers cherish this precious heritage, our highly-skilled crafters trim and thoroughly polish every part of the leather. Once the leather is primed, they are all sown together by hand to ensure the highest quality.